The Painting Process

Once I have decided who will be the subject of my next work I start the research process. I research online, watch videos, read books and articles, look through photos, and talk to fans. As I learn the life story of the celebrity, I create a list of the most important people, events, objects, and moments of that person's life.


Using the list, I collect reference images and begin the visualization process. possible ideas come to life as I create a few versions through sketching. The version that tells the best story becomes the guide for the start of the painting.


The sketch is drawn on the canvas with pencil, allowing the composition to evolve to be more harmonious and dynamic on the large canvas. The entire canvas is then covered up with a rough wash layer of color. The accuracy of colors are not too important at this stage. The goal is to not leave any part of the canvas blank.


From here I work with layering paint, jumping from one part to the next, ever painting one section in full detail. Hopping around the painting allows me to control the mood of the painting, developing the whole scene simultaneously. As more layers are added, the clarity and details emerge. This allows me to control where I want the attention of the viewer to go.


The final painting is an almost life sized and subtly surreal movie scene that showcases the legacy of the celebrity: the good, the bad and the scandalous.